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Hot Tongue Pizza is a contemporary pizza shop that takes from the energy and vibrance of the best city in the world, Los Angeles. The open floor plan of the restaurant allows for a peak inside the magic that goes on day in day out. The pizza is not only meant to entice your tastebuds, but also to evoke the nostalgia of that slice you had growing up.

Hot Tongue’s warm counter service and low key casual ambience makes for a perfect dining experience. Come in a stranger and leave a friend. The alchemy comes in the form of classic pizza combinations, on top of the best organic grains, carefully sourced ingredients with an angeleno attitude.

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Founder Alex Koons


Alex Koons has been in the pizza industry for 17 years, and has had the opportunity to work every position in the business- from delivery driver to owner. He opened up the first Hot Tongue in February of 2022 to rave reviews.

“I’ve always drawn a lot of parallels from my background in the music industry and applied them to food.

Running a restaurant is a lot like being in a band. Your team is your band, service is the shows, your customers are the fans, and your food is the music.”

Outside of restaurants, Koons is also a pizza consultant. He brings a strong focus on pushing the importance of putting people first, and helping chefs and owners get on board to the future by helping expand on their vegan offerings.



“I believe that the people eating plant based diets deserve better. I believe in elevating and creating a cuisine that’s equally as good as its meat or dairy counterpart. Thats why I personally make all our vegan "cheeses," proteins and sauces.


Its not easy when you’re going head to head with grande mozzarella, but I am up for the challenge. Yes, Hot Tongue does offer vegetarian cheese varieties, but don't be surprised if your favorite slice turns out to be plant-based.

Why did I open Hot Tongue? It comes down to a passion, a yearning, and unspoken purpose that most people have inside them. This is mine. I love the restaurant industry, the pizza community, and pushing the limits of what ‘traditional’ pizza can be.

This shop is a personal extension of who I am and what I like. We are beyond thrilled to build it out with the city that we serve. Los Angeles, we love you.”

- alex

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