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you got questions? we got answers! below are the most commonly asked questions all in one place!

do you have pizza by the slice? we have pizza by the slice from open to close 12 pm -9 pm sunday -thursday 11 pm - 10 pm friday and saturday

do you serve alcohol? yes we have beer and wine

do you accept cash? we are card or mobile pay only

do you do half and half pizzas? no

what size pizza do you have and how many slices are in your pizzas? we have 2 sizes, the 14" pizza has 6 slices, the 18" pizzas have 8 slices


are you all vegan? we are not all vegan but everything can be made vegan 

whats your vegan cheese made out of? we use cashews for the base of our vegan "cheese"


do you have a nut free vegan option? we make our own nut free option with the main ingredient being garbanzo beans


do you have gluten free pizza? our gluten free pizza comes in a 14" square pie that we call a Detroit, and its made in house

can I get your specialty pies on a gluten free? yup! head over to the 14" round and thin catagory on the online ordering system and select the gluten free crust. every pie is automatically gluten free except the classic because of the vital wheat gluten in the sausage.


whats your gluten free pizza made out of? millet, tapioca flour, rice flour, potato flour, agave, yeast, olive oil and salt


do you have gluten free pizza by the slice? we always have a gluten free pie out for slices


do you cater? we do! head over to our catering page to check out our packages and contact information

do you deliver? we do! our in house delivery team delivers within a 3 mile radius of the shop. if you are out of range you can order through postmates or uber eats! 

do we need reservations? no, we usually have plenty of seating


do you have outdoor seating? we have a limited amount of outdoor seating


do you have indoor seating? we have plenty of seats inside


do you have a high chair? we have one, bring your toddlers!

do you serve alcohol? we have craft beer and nice selection of natural wine by the bottle or by the glass

what are your hours? we are open 7 days a week from 12pm - 9pm. CLOSED ON THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS EVE, CHRISTMAS DAY, BOXING DAY AND THE 4TH OF JULY



*everything is made in house

*our vegan sausage is not gluten-free

*everything is soy free

*our vegan "cheese" is a cashew mozzarella

*our pizza dough is naturally leavened

*we buy organic produce when available

*we use organic flour for our pizza doughs

*our gluten free crust only comes on a 14” square

*we don't make half and half pizzas


Do you have more questions?

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