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Hot Tongue Pizza is a contemporary pizza shop that takes from the energy and vibrance of the best city in the world, Los Angeles. The open floor plan of the restaurant allows for a peak inside the magic that goes on day in day out. The pizza is not only meant to entice your tastebuds, but also to evoke the nostalgia of that slice you had growing up.

Hot Tongue’s warm counter service and low key casual ambience makes for a perfect dining experience. Come in a stranger and leave a friend. The alchemy comes in the form of classic pizza combinations, on top of the best organic grains, carefully sourced ingredients with an angeleno attitude.

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Meet the dynamic founder, Alex Koons!

With a remarkable 16-year journey in the pizza industry, Alex Koons boasts an impressive résumé that spans every role in the business, from a humble delivery driver to a visionary owner. In February 2022, he set the pizza world on fire by inaugurating the first Hot Tongue location, which quickly garnered rave reviews and captured the hearts of pizza enthusiasts far and wide.

But Alex's story didn't start in pizza. He draws intriguing parallels between his background in the music industry and his culinary ventures. To him, running a restaurant is akin to leading a band, where your team plays the role of the band, service becomes the electrifying live show, customers transform into devoted fans, and your food, the heart-pounding music.

Beyond his culinary endeavors, Koons wears another hat as a pizza consultant, embodying a strong commitment to prioritizing people. He champions the cause of helping chefs and restaurant owners embrace the future by expanding their vegan offerings. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation and customer satisfaction, Alex Koons is truly a force to be reckoned with in the world of food and beyond.



"I find immense inspiration in the time I've spent in this city. Having lived in LA for almost 20 years, each day brings something new, much like the ever-changing nature of the restaurant industry. The unpredictability and chaos of this field are probably what drew me in and made me fall in love with it.

Food, particularly dining out, is my absolute favorite pastime. I find so much joy in exploring new restaurants. I take in the whole experience deeply, from the design, cutlery, plating, and even the details of the bathroom. I appreciate how all these elements come together to create a unique experience. This passion drove me to invest every ounce of effort into Hot Tongue, aiming to make it as special as each pizza served on a paper plate.

My journey has been dedicated to learning everything I can about dough and bread, discovering the true magic behind crafting exceptional pizzas. The grain we use at Hot Tongue sets us apart from most pizza shops—it's 100% organic and more challenging to work with than standard pizza flour. Our dough is crafted with natural yeast, known as "sourdough," imparting a deeper flavor. It results in a more delicate texture than a typical New York slice, featuring a larger open crumb reminiscent of a country loaf found at an artisan bread store. For me, the dough is the focal point—the calling card of every pizza place and the distinctive factor that sets us apart. We hope you can taste how much time we put into every slice. We hope you enjoy the space we built for you."


- Alex

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